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CSS Attribute Selectors Tutorial


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i have been going through the CSS attribute selector tutorial and have encountered  problem i cannot resolve. I wrote my code as per the "try it yourself". As far as i can tell my code  is written identical to the CSS tutorial. Below is an example of what I wrote:

[target~="red"]  {border: 1px solid red;}


[title^="tulip"] {background-color: red;}

I set up a style sheet in notepad ++ and in my style sheet, the code in bold type remains black - which tells me my app isn't recognizing that bit of code as code. I have attached the style sheet so you can see what my code is doing.   I cannot figure out where I went wrong.  has anyone else encountered this? were you able to resolve it and how?  thanks!



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Without the HTML itself, I can't tell you why the selectors are not selecting the right elements.

The attached stylesheet has this: -ms-[title~="flower"] That will not work because of the "-ms-" part. The selector [class|="top"] in your stylesheet will work for any element that has a class attribute starting with "top"


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