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Alert not working


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I am trying to use an <input ..... /> tag and javascript to get user input and then alert() the user input.

However doesn't matter what I do I either get  either nothing,"undefined" or "null"?

Here is an example of what exactly I am trying to do( if you run this in w3Schools TryIt editor then the alert box will show nothing) :

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p>Click the button to demonstrate line-breaks in an alert box.</p>
<input type=text" id="txt" placeholder="Enter" />
<button onclick="myFunction()">Try it</button>

var x = document.getElementById("txt").value;

function myFunction() {


Any help will be appreciated .

I would also like to know why this is reacting like this as I fount solutions exactly like this on the internet but it seems not work at all.

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Haha thanks for the reply.

I changed the syntax error but it still seems to still give the same result (alert says nothing when it comes up)


As well can you give an example or link a reference using browser developer tools for debugging syntax errors because I am still new and I do make a lot of those mistakes and it takes me 10-15min on average just to find these stupid mistakes.

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You need the defining of x to be in the function itself.

At the moment as the page loads from top to bottom and when it reaches the var x = bit, the input at that time is blank, and it never gets updated when function is triggered.

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