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Consider a custom checkbox (from 1 to 5) and a custom select (it might be VOLVO, FORD, VW and JEEP).

For every number i choose in the checkbox (and i may choose more than one), a question will be shown (and so, more than one question may be shown). For the one i select in the custom select, a price for example will be shown.

I know how to build these custom checkbox and custom select, but now i need to build these results for each action

These both examples are related to JavaScript conditions, right? This is the closest i found about these ideas.



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if the question is always the same then you can assign the same class to each of the alternative options and use the class name as a jQuery selector for a handler that produces the desired message.  If the question is different for each option, then your selector becomes the value of the id property assigned to each option.

Have fun!


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