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Making ToDoList Items Stay There Forever

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Hello, I may post this in the wrong forum and if I do then I'm sorry.


I recently looked at the ToDoList tutorial on w3schools, and it is fine and works amazing but its one thing that I wanna add. When I add a item to the list I want that item to stay there forever, so even if I for example refresh the page it will still be there. And even if I go out of chrome it will still be there. I don't know if this is possible but if it is then please answer this.

Thanks in advance!

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In order to keep information it has to be stored on the server. Usually it is kept in a database. You will need to learn a server-side programming language such as PHP and you'll have to learn how to use databases. W3Schools has a PHP tutorial and a MySQL tutorial. MySQL is the language used to interact with the database. 

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