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Compare 2 Images to See if Identical - Using Base64


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I'm trying to use Base64 to compare two images to see if they are identical. 

The images are accessed using: 

var thumb5Original = ""; 
var thumb5Edited = ""; 

thumb5Original = canvas5.toDataURL('image/png');
thumb5Edited = canvas5.toDataURL('image/png');

  I then check them using this: 

if (thumb5Original.toString() == thumb5Edited.toString()) document.getElementById('tHeader5').innerHTML = "Original Image"; 
if (thumb5Original.toString() != thumb5Edited.toString()) document.getElementById('tHeader5').innerHTML = "Edited Image"; 

The problem is, I'm getting "Edited Image" even when the images are identical.  Is there an error in the way I'm comparing the images? 

Thank you  

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I would print the values that you're comparing to see how different they are.  If they are completely different then I would suggest that the data URL is not a way to compare an image.  If they are only slightly different then that may be caused by a minor change you overlooked.

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I just came back here to close this thread.  justsomeguy, you were right on the money.  I used document.write() to print the values to screen, the printed values showed only minor differences, they were due to a minor change I had forgotten about. 

One thing I did learn from this is that canvas.toDataURL() actually does work quite well for determining whether 2 images are duplicates.   

justsomeguy, thank you very much for your time. 


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