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Apply logo link to multiple pages on site


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1. I have an image logo, which appears at the top left of all of my articles.  I have made one of them a link to the home page.  How can I make the logos on all of the articles also be links, without having to make them separately?

2. I have an image text heading at the top right of all of my articles; they are not all the same; they are 9 different category names.  I have made one of them a link to a certain page (1-9)  Is there a way that I can link those nine different headings to their appropriate page (1-9)?

Many, many articles - too many to do separately.  HTML, CSS, (Dreamweaver is available)

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Better option would be to use a server language like PHP. The image logo would be placed on a blank PHP page with only the image logo and link applied to it, then you can use PHP include to place that singe page on multiple pages with image and link in the the location you require. You amend that specific logo/header page, and the other pages will update to that amendment instantly.

The same can be done with text headings, PHP can identify what page you are on, gather link , category data stored in array, and add required text, link to that specific page.

You can also use JavaScript also, but requires enabled on all browsers, and maybe not as SEO friendly as using PHP.


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