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Calculate Total hours and Mins (over 24)


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Hi I need to display total hours and mins as this example "35 Hrs 23 Mins", issue I'm having is after 24 it goes back to zero

I'm storing the time as follows 127380 (seconds) I should get 35:23 but I'm getting 59:23 ??? Any ideas would help


$date = '127380';
$minsec = gmdate("i:s", $date); 
$hours = gmdate("d", $date)*24 + gmdate("H", $date);
echo $time = $hours . ':' . $minsec;


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You are working to a formatted hour period which will only go up to 12 or 24 hour format, instead use a actual milliseconds value that equals an hour 3600


$date = '127380';

//$date = '259200'; // (3days) 72hours 0 mins

//$date = '259100'; // 71hrs 58mins

$hours = $date/3600;

echo (int) $hours.' Hrs '.gmdate('i',$date).' Mins<br>';


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I don't see a reason to use gmdate or date at all, this is just an arithmetic problem.

$date = 127380; // this is a number, do not quote it
	$seconds_per_minute = 60;
	$seconds_per_hour = 3600;
	$hours = floor($date / $seconds_per_hour);
	$date = $date - ($hours * $seconds_per_hour);
	$minutes = floor($date / $seconds_per_minute);
	echo $hours ' hours ' . $minutes . ' minutes';

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