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Date Difference not working


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I get "Object of class DateInterval could not be converted to int" for my code (2nd line)


if (date_diff(date_create($mytoday),date_create($Row[23]))<32)] 

Note: My $mytoday = 2018-04-27  and my $Row[23] = 2018-04-26

Yet, the PHP tutorial says:


So my code should work but it doesn't.

I put the exact code given by the PHP tutorial in my PHP file and it doesn't work.  I get the same error message as with my code.

Thanks for your help.


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No, it shouldn't work, because date_diff returns a DateInterval object.  You are doing this:

if ($DateIntervalObject < 32)

You're comparing a DateInterval object with a number, hence the error that the DateInterval object could not be converted to an integer.  This is the DateInterval object:


It has a days property that you can use to get the number of days, if the object was created using date_diff.

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Did you not understand what this returned?

echo $diff->format("%R%a days"); 

ie positive or negative symbol, number of days value then the word 'days'. You need to strip this down to just the value of days. test with echo, the once an integer value is return you know it will be correct to use in if condition.


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