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I have a table pulling data from a database.  Everything works getting the data to show in the table, however the content under the table isn't showing up.  I'm using bootstrap 4.0 for layout, so I have rows and cols with the table being the third row and two other rows, not showing, under the 3rd row.  I've moved one row about the table row and it show up, but put it back under the table and it disappears.

I've ensured I have the right amount of div tags for each of the rows and cols.


I'm at a loss

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That's the end result returned from server, what about code that produced that result.

On 5/8/2018 at 8:09 PM, sgt_spike said:

I've ensured I have the right amount of div tags for each of the rows and cols.

What about div tags for everywhere else?

It does not validate, you have misplaced double quote in inline CSS, duplicate id value references, 3 missing closing div tags and no closing body or html tags


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It seems the php is making it seem like the tags aren't there.

Haha, the tags are either there or not.  PHP does not impress the browser with its illusions and magic tricks, it just sends output.  If you're seeing the HTML output stop at a certain point, my bet is that you have a fatal error and error reporting is turned off, so you're not seeing the error message.  You can add this code to the top of your PHP code to set options at runtime.  This will work for runtime errors, but not syntax errors in the same file.  You can also review your settings in php.ini to make sure they're what you want them to be.  It's common to display errors while you're developing, but for the live site write them to a log file that you can check later.

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
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