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XML Nested Object to PHP Array


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BACKGROUND:  I cannot find anything wrong with this function, but when I try to run it, PHP tells me that it is undefined.  Thus, I suspect that the problem has to do with my version number.  Where before I  was running with 5.6, I am now running with 5.3.


function xmlobj_to_array($obj) { 
    $namespace = $obj->getDocNamespaces(true); 
    $namespace[NULL] = NULL; 	
    $children = array(); 
    $attributes = array(); 
    $name = strtolower((string)$obj->getName()); 	
    $text = trim((string)$obj); 
    if( strlen($text) <= 0 ) { 
        $text = NULL; 
    if(is_object($obj)) { 
        foreach( $namespace as $ns=>$nsUrl ) { 
            $objAttributes = $obj->attributes($ns, true); 
            foreach( $objAttributes as $attributeName => $attributeValue ) { 
                $attribName = strtolower(trim((string)$attributeName)); 
                $attribVal = trim((string)$attributeValue); 
                if (!empty($ns)) { 
                    $attribName = $ns . ':' . $attribName; 
                $attributes[$attribName] = $attribVal; 
            $objChildren = $obj->children($ns, true); 
            foreach( $objChildren as $childName=>$child ) { 
                $childName = strtolower((string)$childName); 
                if( !empty($ns) ) { 
                    $childName = $ns.':'.$childName; 
                $children[$childName][] = xmlObjToArr($child); 
    return array( 

QUESTION:  Please test the function and let me know whether it is my code or my version number.  If it is the code, please suggest the appropriate changes.


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Never mind, I found the error.  I had changed the name of the function, but because it is recursive, I needed to change the name of the function within the function as well.

Hoorray! Hooray!


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