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How to identify mobile devices

Max Castril

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Hi everyone

Nowadays, when one calls a website on a mobile device, the server will load an alternative web page.  E.g. if one calls www.examplewebsite.com on a mobile, then the page that one will see is something like www.m.examplewebsite.com.  How does HTML identify the type of device, beit PC, laptop, iphone, tablet etc. ??  I have read the w3schools pages on the subject and followed their advice, but am interested in at least modifying my CSS specifically ofor a mobile device.


Thanks in anticipation.


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HTML doesn't do it. It's usually done on the server side by analyzing the User-Agent HTTP header. 

On the client side, Javascript has that information available in the navigator.userAgent property, but if you're working on the client side you also have access to the screen size and window size.

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