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Responsive Design Dysfunction


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BACKGROUND:  Within two weeks of my iMac hard disk failure I also lost my iPhone due to a failed power socket.  People simply do not service what Apple calls "obsolete" equipment.  Although I have yet to replace my iMac, one of my colleagues had an iPhone 5 that he was no longer using and gave it to me.  With his new phone in hand I went straight to the Grammar Captive website only to discover that what worked well in a  device simulator does not work well at all in the real-life device.  Now, my website is divided into five parts:  a banner, a navigation bar, the main content section, a side bar with RSS feeds, and a footer.  When the viewport is small, the aforementioned divisions are supposed to build a five tier column:  banner, navigation bar, main content, side-bar, and footer.  If you own an iPhone 5 compare the results for podcast_hostpage.php and with those of overview.html and see the difference.  The former displays correctly, the latter does not.

QUESTION:  What must I do to restore the five-tier nature of overview.html?


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