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Missing display


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I am just getting restarted and am having problems finding syntax problems


<!DOCTYPE html >
<html >
body {margin:0;font-family:"Trebuchet MS", "Arial Black", "Verdana", "Helvetica", sans-serif;}
#seltype {font:36px}
#header {background:blue; color:white; position:absolute; top:0;left:0px;right:0;margin:0;text-align:center;font-family:"Trebuchet MS", "Arial Black", "Verdana", "Helvetica", sans-serif;font-weight:bold; white-space: nowrap;}
#header h1, #header p {padding:2px 20px 2px 100px;margin:0}
#hdgline {text-align:center; font-size:1.875em;}
button {font:24px "Trebuchet MS", "Verdana", sans-serif;background:#F9CC7D;border:outset #F9CC7D}
<title>Year to Date P/L</title>
<div id="header">
<p><br /></p>
<h1 id="hdgline" style="font-size:36px">Year to Date P/L</h1>
<p><br /></p>
<button onclick='AddTrade()' >Enter Trade</button>
<button onclick='ExitTrade()' >Exit Trade</button>
<button onclick='ShowPL()' >Show P/L</button>
<div id="cond">
<input type="text" name="first" value="me"></br>
The input line does not display. The buttons do. What am I missing??
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Don't use position: absolute; unless you can't achieve same result using float, margins, padding, display instead.

header using position: absolute; occupies no space, so other elements move in to occupy that space instead, your input parent div has moved up behind the header content.


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