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Get Max Value Question


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In my tenders table, I have a field called "id". The format of this field is "NNN-YYYY".
Each tender that is added for the current year, 1 is added to the first 3 digits of the id field.
Example: 100,2018, 101-2018, 102-2018, etc.

Every year, the tender # is reset to 100 and the year is changed to current year.
Example: 100-2019, 101-2019 etc.

I have written the following statement and run the query below and it doesn't work ($sYear = current year)
SELECT MAX(LEFT(id,3)) AS iMax FROM $table_name WHERE RIGHT(RTRIM(id), 4) = $sYear

If I remove the LEFT(id,3), it does.
SELECT MAX(id) AS iMax FROM $table_name WHERE RIGHT(RTRIM(id), 4) = $sYear

So my MAX code isn't working and I am not able to :
1) Figure out what is wrong with MAX(LEFT(id,3))
2) Display and assign the iMax variable to a PHP variable





Below is my code:

function GetNextTenderID()
    global $wpdb;
    $table_name  	= $wpdb->prefix . "tenders";
    $sYear                   = date("Y");
    $sSql 		= "SELECT MAX(id) AS iMax FROM $table_name WHERE RIGHT(RTRIM(id), 4) = $sYear";
    $rows 		= $wpdb->get_results($sSql);
    $rowcount 	= $wpdb->num_rows;
    if ($rows)
	    echo "Test to see if id displays" . $row->id;
       $old_num = $row->id;
        $new_num = (how do I get iMax) + 1;

   return $sTemp;











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