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OTP verification through Email

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I watch more student ask for the PHP code of OTP verification through Email.

I think it is very good quary from student. Please help me to make this code as project. and i request W3SCHOOL  to post this code in the website.

                                                                                                                         !!!!!!     THANK YOU   !!!!!


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I create 3 file but i face a proublem in the 'process.php' file. This file not redirect the user to the 'otp.php' file. For this reason User can not enter the OTP that he received through Email.

Here are the code of the 3 PHP file------->





Details about my code:-

'index.php' file form action page is 'process.php' -------> 'process.php' file generate a OTP and send it to User email address. -------> 'process.php' file redirect user to 'otp.php' file and user enter THE OTP there and verify the OTP.


Here is the link to watch which problem i face:- OTP verify through Email

please modify my code and make it correct.

                                                                           !!!!    THANK YOU    !!!!!

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What is the problem you're having, what is it not doing that you think it should?  It's probably better to post your code here instead of uploading files, and I'm not sure all the font decoration is necessary, it makes it a little hard to read.  One issue is that your process.php files is not doing any validation at all.  You don't even check if the form was submitted before trying to send an email, even though they don't need to enter a valid email address.

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