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Node.js Read Stream-- check if file is open-- file is "always" open?

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I copied the code straight from 



var fs = require('fs');

var readStream = fs.createReadStream('./demofile.txt');

/*Write to the console when the file is opened:*/
readStream.on('open', function () {
  console.log('The file is open');


Upon executing "node open.js" in the terminal, "The file is open" appears in the terminal, then the program terminates. It always happens, even if I don't have demofile.txt open in Notepad or any other program. Not sure why this is happening?

When I instead use the string 'close', the console never prints anything out, regardless as to demofile.txt is open or closed.

This behavior has happened on both my Windows machine and Raspberry Pi.

Tried putting the above code inside a http.createServer statement, but then I get no output at all in the console. Although I suppose that would be unnecessary.



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