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PHP_SELF refresh


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Hi , having some fun trying to get my blog to refresh at a section on my page rather than the top of the page. I'm using Simple Blog PHP 3.0 script which uses a PHP include()to insert the blog entry on the page.  

The bit that posts the blog entry...


<a href="<?php echo $thisPage; ?>?pid=<?php echo $Newer_Post; ?>&amp;p=<?php echo $_REQUEST['p']; ?>&amp;cat_id=<?php echo $_REQUEST["cat_id"]; ?>&amp;search=<?php echo urlencode($_REQUEST["search"]); ?><?php echo $anchor_blt; ?>" title="<?php ReadHTML($Post['post_title']); ?>">
                            <?php echo ReadDB($OptionsLang["Newer_Post"]); ?> <i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i>    </a>

and the bit that sends it back to itself


$thisPage = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

My page has sections, every time it refreshes back to the top of the page, with this in the address bar



But I'd like it to go to the # Blog section of the page. So I've tried this..... 


$thisPage = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']. '#blog';

.....and it works! wahoo! Refreshes back to the blog section of the page and this bit in the address bar....



but.... now the blog links don't work....

Any thoughts? I would be very much appreciative if someone could shed some light on this. Thanks in advance.

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Here was the offending variable.....



// adding anchor to URLs. Comment if no need of anchors
//$comm_url = $url_vars."#comment";
$url_vars .= "#blog";

// adding anchor to URLs. Make it $anchor_blt = "#blt"; if you need anchors
$anchor_blt = "#blog";

Thanks again for your help. 

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