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Namespace for macroses

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The closest thing you'll find is XSLT, but it will only work if passed through an XSLT parser. Most browsers have one built in, but if you're in a different environment it will have to load some tool or library to do it.

XML does not do anything on its own, it always has to be interpreted by a program.

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XML does not have macros, it does not have conditionals or loops. It is hardly different than a plain text file. It does nothing until a program reads it.

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@Ingolme I know that XML does not have macros.

But it is quite possible to create an XML namespace which could act like a macro language for XML.

I started this topic because I need to decide whether to create a new namespace (and its semantics) for this purpose, or whether there is already designed such a thing, so that I would not need to create new namespaces but use existing ones.

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