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submit form for this code


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I have two options  like option1 and option2 from a drop down list.

When i select option1,it shows option1A  and option1B

When i select option2,it shows option2A  and option2B.

Its like either of one selection.After selecting, how can i submit the form.

where to call the submit button , so that both my selected values gets submitted.

Attached is the file


Thanks and Regards

Rizwan Syed

submit form.txt

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??? Where you usually place a submit button, at the bottom within the opening/closing form elements?

You can place all those within a single form with submit at bottom then prevent the hidden dropdown submitting anything, even if an option was selected prior to be hidden by adding disable attribute to hidden select element itself.


ALSO you can't have identical id references on the same page, it will always work with the first encountered and ignore the rest.

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