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Please help me on; Error: iframe is not defined at...

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I tried to insert an element into iframe so first I must retrieve it by

var frm = document.querySelectorAll(iframe)

but cannot work.


ReferenceError: iframe is not defined at Object.callback...

How to succeed to insertion as easily as other ordinary elements? thank so much.

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You have to pass a string, which is delimited by either single quotes or double quotes.

var frm = document.querySelectorAll("iframe");

If all you're looking for is a list of iframe elements, you don't need the querySelectorAll method, getElementsByTagName will work just as well.

var frm = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe");


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That means that there are no iframes in your document. The might be because you're running the code before the iframes have loaded. Try putting this Javascript at the bottom of your HTML document after everything has finished loading.

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Or, if you use jQuery you can wrap your code in the $(document).ready() { ... }; function.  In this way, the Javascript will not be run until the full document has been loaded.


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