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One-Find-Stop-All-Further-Finds Search Behavior (Japanese only)

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BACKGROUND:  Recently I had occasion to make a search on my own website using the Newsletter search engine.  What I discovered was the most bizarre of behaviors.  I could perform one search in Japanese and then no more.  In other languages such as French, German, and English I could perform as many searches as I liked -- even repeating the same words more than once -- and I always I was able to produce the expected result.  Mind you, this bizarre one-find-stop--all-further-finds behavior in the Japanese language was not the case when I first installed my search engines. 

Now, I have checked my PHP error.log file and found nothing related to this problem.  I have also checked that the parameter value of the AJAX call is being properly passed;  here too there is no unusual behavior. 

This bizarre behavior was not always the case.  It appears to have begun taking place all of its own.

Any ideas?







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I now believe that the problem lies in the way that the Japanese language is parsed.  A little additional research and reflection has reminded that I had set aside the introduction of the MeCAB and NGRAM full-text, MySQL plugins when I first built the search engines.  Overtime I forgot. Matomo has more or less dominated my development activity for the past two and one half months.  Indeed, if it were not so powerful, and my persistence had not paid off, however incrementally,  I would have abandoned Matomo long ago.




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