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Different WHERE statements for different columns


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Hi there - I am not massively proficient at SQL so get stuck with a few things

My source data contains orders (hotel bookings actually): each row has a date, value of the booking, and some other attributes e.g. channel booked through, which hotel it was etc

I want to create a table where the first column is the date (or actually the month but I can do that easily) but then it has 3 columns, each of which sums the revenue/booking value BUT in each column the selection criteria is different. For example, in column a) I only want to show the revenue for direct bookings; in column b) I want to show the revenue for travel agent bookings; in column c) I want to show all the revenue. 

I found a few other things about this where people were suggesting using CASE statements, but that only seems to work for counting unless I have missed something

Any help much appreciated





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I'm no efficient SQL user by any means. But you can use SUM in conjunction with CASE, and check from which source it comes inside it.

Here's an example: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4517681/sql-sum-with-condition

Although this relates to SQL server and not the others, I'm sure the other versions have similar ways for using it.

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