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Responsive Design - More iPhone Alignment Problems


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BACKGROUND:  There appears to be no end to my iPhone alignment woes.  I can only hope that these same problems are not occurring on other devices. 

The DILEMMA:  In the navigation bar of the Grammar Captive mainpage find the menu option GC Tutor under the heading Products and click on the option.  At the outset the alignment should be well-behaved both in your computer and iPhone viewports.  Now scroll down to the section entitled What? in the GC Tutor panel and click on the And much more ... toggle switch at the bottom of the section.  Proper alignment is lost and cannot be regained until one clicks again in the navigation bar.

Unfortunately, all of the old tricks and some newly imposed modifications fail.

Any ideas?


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It looks like to me you're missing a `float: none;` for that section that you're referring to. 

The specific spot you're looking for is
gc_template.css - Line 112

#middle {
  width: auto;
  width: -moz-auto;
  margin-left: 0px;
  float: none; /* Add this */


From my end, this looks like it works. Feel free to let me know if it does not.


This section, in particular, was escaping the page wrapper, making me think there was some alignment or flex going on. I was not incorrect.

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Thanks, funce!

Unfortunately, I did not receive your entry until just now.  In a way I am glad,  else I would likely not have fixed other problems associated with the panel.

I just spent the entire day reformatting the entire page.  The use of flex-box has resolved the problem nicely.


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