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w3css & w3-hide-small


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Hello. Im converting an old site into w3css & removing excess code etc.

I have a few issues regarding the w3-hide-small option.

1) Ive got the top display showing my logo, title & the time.. 


On my main PC it is going ok, However ive added the w3-hide-small command on my logo.  But when i look in my mobile phone - the width is too wide & its not adjusting to the small screen.

It also STILL shows my logo even though ive advised it to HIDE on a small screen.

QUERIES: does the hide command ONLY work in a container ?  Ive tried it in a ROW with the GRID option  however the hide command does not appear to be working,

QUERY: is there a way to use containers - but within the grid style ?  or hide the logo on small screens & adjust the size of theother 2 columns ?

TINY Query. Is there a way to display ONE big container at the top - & have the time in a samller div (floating top-right), and the image/logo on the top left - the main title will flow around the other divs... (some titles are a bit long & look silly squashed in the middle).


Example site:  http://foe-new.kwister.com/decoration

EDIT: i have the viewport command in the header - but this does not seem to have an effect (what i see on other pages ive done - other subdomain) 





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