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function to php form


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how can i link a function to a php form so it can run the function on submit


i know you have to add the function in the action="" but is there anything i need add to make this work correctly?

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No, you do not add the function in the action.  If you think you know that, then you're on the wrong path.  The action should be the URL of a PHP file on the server.  If you want to run a particular function in that file, then use a hidden form input or something with a name that you check for, and a value that tells you which function to execute.  You do that the same way you use with any other logic, you can use a series of if statements, or a switch statement, or you can have an array of allowed functions and call it just by passing the name.  e.g.:

$allowed_functions = ['func1', 'func2', 'func3'];
	if (in_array($_POST['function_name'], $allowed_functions)) {

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