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"var" keyword not used with =+ operator?


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In "JavaScript Operator", I noticed that the "var" keyword is not used when the += operator is used; for example:

<p id="demo"></p>

var x = 10;
x += 5;
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = x;

And I tested the result of adding "var" before the statement x += 5, so: var x += 5, everything else uchanged. Then, it won't display 15; in fact, it displays nothing.

However, if using x = x + 5 instead, adding or not adding "var", it always runs and displays 15. 

So, my questions are:

(1) Why "var" cannot be used with += operator?

(2) Why "var" seems to be operational when used with "x = x + 5"?

Thank you!


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A 'var' defines a identifier as a variable

var x=10; //define variable and its value
var x = x + 5; //redefine variable but new 'x' value will now be the previous defined value plus 5

additional var definition of the the same identifier means that x default value will now be the current value calculated, overriding the previous.

It can be seen using

var y=0
var x = 10;
var y = x+5;
document.getElementById("demo_x").innerHTML = x;
document.getElementById("demo_y").innerHTML = y;

swap 'y' to 'x' in third line.

As 'y,' its default value is from now on, will be 15 (as below if 'x') , while 'x' will remain as 10.

As 'x' its default value is from now on, will be 15, while 'y' will remain as 0.

var x+=5;

Its not doing nothing, its produces a syntax error, and the script will fail from that point as its not valid, hit f12 on keyboard to view console to see this error.

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