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Badly need someone to help me on this homepage's images not showing properly


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Hello Gurus,

I have a homepage here: http://venushomedesign.com/ . Here are the issues:

1. The banner is not displayed completely on my screen (21", 1920x1280)

2. from a Mac it shows completely twisted: not only banner is showing only the middle 2/3 part of the banner, but all the thumbnail pictures are not in the original ratio (squeezed)

I have attached two screenshots here for the reference.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can help me to sort it out, thank you very much in advance.



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If you set min-height and that height is not proportional to the image, cover will increase in height AND width till it fills completely the container height, this will cause left/right edges of background image beyond that of container edges, clipping it down.

Might be better to use img tag rather than background image, as you can set it to 100% width, height auto; and let it control the height of its containing element.

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