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Woocommerce dropdown menu

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so at the store page, when in mobile view the top dropdown menu doesn't work. When I delete parts bit for bit in the footer PHP file the menu will still not work. If I delete everything in the footer PHP file it will still not work. But if I completely change the PHP file name so it isn't linked to the store page at all, the dropdown menu works perfectly fine. I find this really weird and I can't figure out how to fix it. Can somebody help?

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What are you testing it on? I've tried testing it on my mobile, and in my dev tools. Hasn't came up with anything obvious.

Are the links not functional? Does it not reveal itself correctly?


Check your file caching limits, do a hard refresh. You may be running on old cached version of your JavaScript. My boss gets tripped up on that one all the time.

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I've renamed the footer.php file now so it isn't "linked" to the store page which leads to the menu working, but I'll rename the file so you can see when it doesn't work.

What I have discovered is that when I have the footer active the dropdown menu doesn't work. And yea I've tested a couple of times both on mobile, on different browsers and in incognito mode, cache can be really frustrating sometimes.

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Can you confirm that there are no PHP errors in your footer? This may prevent additional processing from occurring

Does your Footer import in any JavaScript? This may overwrite other JavaScript that your header relies on.


Other than that, it just looks like that a click event isn't being bound to the button that reveals everything. But its hard for me to say, all the JS has been optimized to the point its unreadable.
I would suggest going onto a WordPress Forum for people who will be able to help you with customizing WooCommerce.

This forum doesn't exactly have very many people familiar with WordPress' ins and outs. Not to mention the infinitesimal amount of plugins available.

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