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Image Capture and Display


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BACKGROUND:  With a mixture of melancholy reluctance and what-else-to-do excitement I have returned to Matomo and managed to extract what appears to be an image.  In effect, I am echoing a cUR result set that appears as follows:

�PNG  IHDR "�E! pHYs���+�IDATx���}�E����ٙ�K6�n ل���DP�FT�_��r���;ėS<���;.���E��D�<5'QP ��o �I��IV6�dC�n6��f6;3}4M���LW������L�Tw��2����J�u]@�L� H�b,�X��#`(F�����v�B۷\�!#`%OWWרo���+�� ...

My intuition -- I am sorry, if I can offer little more at this point -- tells me that I could read the contents of this file with the simple addition of a document heading.  If so, what might this heading be. If not, what would you suggest?

Please advise.


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If that is the only output of your script then you can make the browser interpret it as an image by sending a content-type header:

header('Content-type: image/png');
echo $image_content;

If you try to print anything else, like HTML or even just spaces and line breaks, then the image will appear corrupted in the browser.

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