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I am trying to pass excel sheet to a function. I am getting an error in call2 function "object required" in this line: 

CurrentValue = SheetOne.Cells(2,2)

Complete code:

Set ExcelObj = createobject("excel.application")
ExcelObj.Visible = true
Set ExcelConfigFile = ExcelObj.Workbooks.Open (configFilePath)
Set ConfigScriptSheet = ExcelConfigFile.Worksheets("Scripts")

Function call2(SheetOne)
         ColumnCounter = 1
         For ExcelRow = 1 To TotalColumn
  	         CurrentValue = SheetOne.Cells(2,2) // I get error "object required"
End Function

Function call1(ConfigScripSheet)

	    ValidateConfigFileTemplate = 1
	    ColumnNo1 =  call2 (ConfigScriptSheet)
End Function
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