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cant write array to php file with fopen/fwrite, please help


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I would like to write the values of an array to a php file.
I use fopen/fwrite/fclose to write the php file.
I can define the array like this:


$fruit = array('apples','bananas','grapes');

But I get an array to string conversion error when the file is created. 



        $pagename = 'testpage2018a';

        $data = 'abcd987654';

        $fruit = array('apples','bananas','grapes');
        $var5 = '$data';
        $var6 = '$fruit';

        $fopenvar = fopen('F:/www/yourdirectory/test/'.$pagename.'.php', 'w');
                $page_cont = " <html>

                        $var5  = '" . $data . "';
                        $var6  = '" . $fruit . "';



How to solve this and write an array to a php file?

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