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Links inside the same web


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I'm trying to create one line with 3 links inside the same web. The links schould be these:

Legal advise – Contact – Bying and shipping

The thing is that I've already got a vertical menu on the left side with links to products, using <style> with UL and LI – so it could be difficoult to to use <style> here as well

I have tryied to make this link <a style="color:silver" href="avisolegal.html" target="_blank">Legal advise</a>

This link works fine, and no problem. The text turns out underlined, which I don't like a lot. But the most important thing is. How can I make one line with thise 3 links, lining up one beside another. When I make more than one they turn up one below the other.

I hope that some one can help me out with this problem. And thanks a lot.



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