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Using 'for loop' through an array after removing duplicates with array_unique


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I had an array with duplicates. I removed the duplicates using PHP array_unique function. Then, I loop through the unique array using for loop (Sample Code below) and , I got an Undefined offset error. 

$even_numbers = array(22,66,24,22,36);
$unique_even_numbers = array_unique($even_numbers);

for($i=0; $i<count($unique_even_numbers); $i++){
  echo $unique_even_numbers[$i].'<br>';

The interesting thing is that I  forgot I removed duplicates from the array somewhere (and therefore, an index). It took me something to figure out what was happening.  I then used foreach. If I'm not missing something then I think it will be helpful if this is mentioned somewhere in the w3schools tutorial.  It may help especially beginners. 

original array.PNG

unique array.PNG

Offset Error.PNG

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The reason is that the keys haven't changed. You should use a foreach() loop where possible to iterate through arrays. I rarely ever use a for loop.

If you would like to reassign the indices after the call to array_unique(), you can use array_values(). Then you can use a classic for() loop.

$unique_even_numbers = array_values(array_unique($even_numbers));


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