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backdrop filter bug or browser problem?


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I'm trying to add some blur background with backdrop filter and it's really a nice feature if you want to get the fluent design from Microsoft, but I have a weird glitch and I don't know if it's a bug with the filter itself or the fact that I'm working on an offline website with MS Edge.

Backdrop filter doesn't seem to take transition into consideration.

Problem 1 :

Home screen. The button has a blurred background, but since my page go from black to image while loading, it keep the black until the image finish the transition. Same when changing the image.



Problem 2 :

While creating my blog page, I thought it was cool to have a grayscale image, but since it's a background image, it only work with a backdrop filter layer.

Here is what it looks like (I took some feeds from WWF for my work in progress only since I don't have blog yet).


Here I hover image 1 :


Here is the bug. When hovering the second image, it remove the backdrop-filter from the first image.


It's very weird, because it only affect the image above and not the one bellow or the second above. If I hover the image with the bug, it go back to normal...

Do you have any idea what may be the problem here?


Thank you

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Just want to update.


Look like backdrop filter doesn't take transition into consideration even if it's transition happening in the background. Backdrop-filter should only used for certain case like blurred navigation or other things without transitions.


Thank you

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