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How to overwrite !important CSS value with a more !important statement?


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Assume I load a web page from an external server (which is not under my control) which contains a CSS with a !important statement for a lets say "file-size. attribute".

Now I want to overwrite this CSS statement with my own value e.g. by using Greasemonkey AddOn in Firefox which adds new, additional CSS statements to the pool of existing CSS statements.

This "normal" overwriting can be performed by appending an "!important" tag at the end.

But what if the original CSS contains already an "!important" tag?

How can I later/afterwards overwrite this with an even higher priority !important value?


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CSS is presentational it wouldn't affect file-size? To overwrite previous defined css properties using !important, you can use a greater parent ref element, class or id, of which the latter would give higher precedence when used with current selector.

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