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Internet Explorer and a Mega Menu


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IE (and Edge) have an issue with a CSS menu on my site.  I have several of the menus and all work fine except one.  The malfunctioning menu in question contains an iframe (which may or may not be the issue).  The issue is this:  When you hover over the link, the menu displays fine, but when you move down to select a menu item, the menu disappears.  Menu functions fine in all other browsers and platforms.  Any ideas?


The issue is the "Links" menu on the top navigation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I had a look around the website, and the only point of difference compared to other hover overs would be the fact its using an iframe.

I did some research and I came across this StackOverflow question which looks accurate.



What is the purpose of putting an iframe in?
If its to include a given file in the HTML, may I recommend a server-side processing language such as PHP. I'd be pleased to assist you in setting this up.


I love your website by the way!

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Funce - thanks a million.  I suspected it was something along those lines but couldn't find what I was looking for.

The purpose for the iframe is ease of updating/deployment.  That menu changes very often and I didn't want to have to change it manually across dozens of pages.  An iframe allows me to change just the source page and be done with it.  It is working great - until we found the IE glitch.  

Again thanks for the help.

Glad you like the site - it is designed and built by high school students (with some guidance).  I think they do a great job.

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Hey its no worries.

There's an alternative that I use regularly on my website when I need to use create consistent page headers/navigation/menus. 
It does exactly as you specify.

If you create a php file (Or change an existing html file to a php one) you'll be able to take your home page and do this.

<!-- index.php -->
<div class="dropdown">
  <a href="#">Links</a>
  <div class="dropdown-content">
    <?php include "links.html"; ?>


The only thing is you can't test php files straight from your file system.
You'll only be able to see it on the website or a local server you've set up. (if your web host supports PHP even).

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