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HTML images will not load


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I have a question regarding getting images that I have downloaded from Bing images to appear on my website. I'm learning HTML and using JS Fiddle to practice my coding and when I type in <img src=" \Pictures\Saved Pictures\Cute-Puppies-puppies-22040876-1280-800.jpg">  I get a tiny box with an x in the middle. When I download the image, I save it to a file called Saved Pictrues. I've tried using <img src="Saved Pictures\Cute-Puppies-puppies-22040876-1280-800.jpg" alt="corgi pup" width="150px" height="150px"> and I still get the tiny box with a x in the middle and the name corgi pup is beside it. I'm majoring in Information Technology Management and I' very interested in web development so I feel a tad silly that I can't get an image to display. Is there something that I should be including in my file path? I also save the image to bing, so should I be including bing in the file path? Please help!

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You're right, the tiny box indicates a broken path.

There are reasons to have an absolute path and other reasons to have a relative path. 


<img src="https://pathToMyDomain.com/images/thisIsMyimage.jpg" alt="thisImage" width="xxpx">


<img src="images/thisIsMyimage.jpg" alt=" thisImage " width=" xxpx ">


Hope that helps.



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