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Details arrow disappeared using w3.css


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I just started using w3.css.

I noted that in a summary/details block the arrow to click open or close is not shown any more.

By inspecting the w3.css file, I discovered that the statement "summary {display: block;}" causes the disappearance.

As work-around I removed it, without visible side-effect.

My question: is there an alternative way to get an arrow in w3.css? 

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You shouldn't remove, just override in custom css file below w3css link.

It mentioned here about styling arrows but not perfect as the arrow doesn't swap pointing right to down.


The other problem is IE/Edge still don't support it even though it has been around since 2017, (one of these days they will catch up! With the other better browsers, they are getting better as they used to be 5 years behind.).

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