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get_browser error warning for some offsets but not all


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I have browscap installed this way: 


If I use the following code: 

    $browser = get_browser(null, true);
	$brows_par = $browser['parent'];
	$browser = $browser['browser'];
	$version = $browser['version'];
 	$platform = $browser['platform'];
	$dev_type = $browser['device_type'];
	$mobile = $browser['ismobiledevice'];
	$tablet = $browser['istablet'];



Then I get error messages for the last 5 variable settings

error output:


Warning: Illegal string offset 'version'

and for the other offsets same error message except the first 2.


see the image for the var_dump value of $browser



what causes the Illegal String Offset warning error message?

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