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SQL Outer Join multiple Views


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I am trying to join data from two views. The first has a column "Type". I need to insert data from the second but identify it as a certain "Type". I have performed an Outer Join. How can I insert type for the data in the second view.

The "Type" field in the first view is identifying whether the inventory is on hand or inbound. I want to identify the data from the second view as Type- Vendor Contract.

My columns are:

1st view (Inventory on Hand/Inbound) -  Item Code, Desc, Qty, Type

2nd view (Inventory Contracted with Vendors)-  U_Item Code, Desc, Qty

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Is it necessary to have them in separate tables? This seems like the exact trouble you'd run if they're separate.


You might want to look at `CASE` statements, and using `EXISTS`. If you really want to go down this route. I tried looking at these questions:



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