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Data Type Configuration


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I am trying to do something, I am basically cloningExampleI need to build a database, to hold all this information I need to allow people to see this on the website. Then I have an admin page, someone daily can fill in new fields, and have it update that automatically upon making changes to the admin page. I was thinking about 3 things1. Cookies would do me no good.2. I don't think sessions will3. DatabaseI am now building my database, I have the names set up, but I am having trouble recieving the dataI need it to database, like it is typed.For instance these following values get entered, If I use the right datatype most of it is preserved, but there are still 2 issues, one imprortant and ones a question5.1703.0007.1546.0002.1757.291The affects are unaccaptable, when they are entered they show up in the database like this5.1737.15462.1757.291as you can see any and all ending zero's are automatically removed is there a possible way using mysql I can achieve this, or am I looking in the wrong direction with using databases.I have tried multiple datatypesfloat, int, decimal, doubleand nothing seems to work, and if there is a way I don't know enough about setting the length on the datatypes to be able to do anything, is there something I can do to make this work the way I want.THe final question I have, is there a way for me to allow the db to accept some % charactersthe original way they should be entered is like shown on that example, with those decimal places, with the percentages, and what not, I can live without the percentages, but I can't live with the database killing my zero's I could really use some help on this.

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