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Change date format for Data conversion


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I'm trying to change the date format in the below query to MM-01-yyyy but when I change it throws up an error. HELP! - Thanks


cast(format(transdate, 'yyyy-MM-01') as Date) as 'Start Date',
  eomonth(cast(format(transdate, 'yyyy-MM-01') as Date)) as 'End Date',
  'Mobile (ex)'as 'Type of Expense',
  CASE left(general2,8)
    WHEN 'Outgoing'  THEN 'Mobile Phone Charges - '
    WHEN 'Incoming' THEN 'Mobile Phone Charges - '
    WHEN 'Parking ' THEN 'Parking Charges - '
 WHEN 'Landline' THEN 'Landline Phone Charges - '
    + datename(month,cast(format(transdate, 'yyyy-MM-01') as Date)) + ' ' +
    + CAST ( YEAR(cast(format(transdate, 'yyyy-MM-01') as Date)) as varchar)

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