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Adding function autocomplete to rails app


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I found your autocomplete function and it is about as simple and complete than I've seen

I tried to installed it in the rails asset pipe line. I did convert it to coffee script, but I had to hack it get it running on a test page

Just adding at the end of the page were I was going to test it didn't work. 

    autocomplete(document.getElementById("myInput"), countries);

It ruturned couldn't find autocomple

The hack was to put autocomplete in the pipeline under jquery
    jQuery ->

      $("#startem").on "load", ->
        inp = document.getElementById("myInput")

      autocomplete = (inp, arr) -> .....

Then put on the test page

      $(function() {

The hack works, but I'm sure there is a better way. My Javascript knowledge if not that great.

Since it looks fairly reusable (I may have a few places I'd like to use it) I'm looking for suggestions on a corrent way.


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