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MySQL query failing, please help

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I wonder if somebody can help me please, I’ve got a website that has been working without any problems for over a year then the other day it stopped. I discovered that my hosts had changed things and the root directory was no longer the same. I updated this and the site is now back but all DB query’s are failing and I don’t know why. If I take the select query and run it direct in PHPMyAdmin then I get results but not he site I don’t so would be grateful for any assistance please.

I’m using this to connect:

function dbselect( $query,$dblink ) {
    if( $result=$GLOBALS[$dblink]->query( $query ) ) {
      while( $row=$result->fetch_array( MYSQLI_ASSOC ) ) { $dbdata[]=$row; }
      if( !isset( $dbdata ) ) { $dbdata=false; }
      if( is_object( $result ) ) {
      return( $dbdata );
    } else {
        logdberr( $query,'Query failed ('.$GLOBALS[$dblink]->error.')' );

It fails every time but if I run 

select * from feeds where product_feed_id=5671

 in PHPMyAdmin I get the product I’m after.

If it helps the version is 5.5.60-MariaDB

Thanks in advance

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