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Multiple Modals on One Web Page


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Hello all,  I am trying to put a modal on my web page that brings up the bios for four separate band members.   I am not very fluent in JavaScrips and am following this MODAL code from w3schools here:  https://www.w3schools.com/howto/tryit.asp?filename=tryhow_css_modal_bottom  

 This code is a great starter to put a modal on my web page:  http://therisk.band.  You can see that this code works beautifully for the first band member (Hugh) when you click on the "more +" button.  The problem is this code  ONLY works for ONE.       I am trying to have a Modal open for EACH band member, that brings up their individual bios when you click on their buttons as well. 

 How can this code be tweaked to work with the other three band members.  Ultimately, I would think the same Modal would be used that just switches out the content when each individual band members button is clicked.  I don't know enough JavaScript to get this to work.  Any suggestions?  

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