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Third level domain redirect without changing url


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Hi, I am trying to have my.website.tld redirect to www.website.tld/my. The constraints:

1) "my" is not a folder, but a Wordpress category with posts.

2) I would like to keep the url as "my.website.tld"

How can I accomplish that?

Thank you.

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Is Inmotion your host?  I've never set up htaccess to use a proxy at all, I didn't even realize that was an option frankly.

Regardless, if the URL is changing then it sounds like it's not even using that rule.  I can't say why, because I'm not sitting there watching you, but maybe there is another rule.  Do you have anything else in htaccess?  Is your site set up to look at the domain and redirect to another one?

The pattern is syntactically correct.

Is it?  Go through that pattern and tell me what each part means.  Also tell me why you're using a replacement for the domain name, and what that replacement is going to be.

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