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I think I have said hello before but I wasn't sure I wanna say hello hello Again. I must be Web programmer from another life Secretly addicted to designing my blog pages Those of us that are on the creative side Can get lost in this sometimes Because I like everything that I see 


The problem  Is that sometimes you have too many ideas flowing, so they become more disorganized than they do organized .  I'm fairly new to WordPress Using blogger for many years I'm wondering If I should simplify how I'm creating Another website by using something other than WordPress, Because I usually style my own pages Need to learn how to store them or where to store them That's the part that  I'm truly unfamiliar with 


I worked for many years in health and beauty leadership And I have always blogged Long and a long, Now I'm wondering how to make those old Log entries useful to my world today . There are hundreds of them 


Thank you for reading And thank you for your thoughts .   PS I'm currently using the WordPress 2017 default theme which I really like Because it's so simple And I use it for my online store I want the 2013 theme b/c it's full width. 






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