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W3CSS forms and TEXTAREA

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I am trying to follow the above examples. Forms with INPUT and SELECT are easy enough, however the above page has no examples  if how TEXTAREA is used ? 

ive used textarea successfully on normal forms, however I cant seem to get it working on W3CSS.  All I see is a single line - Not multiple lines / textarea. 


has anyone got an example using W3CSS & multiple lines ? 

If I dont use inline-block, the input takes up the WHOLE line. i want label & input on same line. and yes, i am aware of readonly. i'll remove that after testing. The latest code I'm using now is:- 

<label style='display:inline-block;'><strong>Description</strong></label>
<input class="w3-input" type="textarea" style='width: 75%;display:inline-block;' rows='4' cols='60' name="description" value="{$articledetails.description}" readonly><br />

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Inputs are only single line and there is no such type as textarea.

If you view page source or inspect the element for first example which uses a textarea form element for "subject" you will see

<label class="w3-text-grey">Subject</label>
<textarea class="w3-input w3-border" style="resize:none"></textarea>

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