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Improve webite speed


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Hei Guys,

my Name is Manuel and I'm trying to develop my first self designed Webpage.

As a starting Point I choosed a template from w3schools.org.

So far my Webpage is a one-page site with scripts displaying Content and removing it (when clicking on Navigator menu).

Everything is designed with w3.css .

I'm displaying a lot of Content. Especially a lot of Pictures (already optimized to a maximum of 200KB).

So Here Comes my Question:

What can I do to improve loading performance of my Website?

What can I do to check and improve the Google Rating?

I build a Ajax request to call a mailScript.php on the Server. Is this OK or is there any better method?


I hope you can understand my Questions even if they are a bit beginner like.


Thanks for your replies.


Greetings from Germany 


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