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creating an array of objects

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I have four items in an object and want to store the result in an array. I want to add objects to the array and access the individual items in an object within the array. Isobject_in_array_project.htmlobject_in_array_project.htmlobject_in_array_project.html this possible. some literature says yes and other says no. Basicly a database in memory is what I am trying to do.

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Accessing an Object is different from accessing an Array. Accessing an Object inside an Array follows the standard conventions.

Objects are indexed via keyNames, and can be accessed via dot-notation (object.property) or bracket-notation (object["property"])

Arrays are 0-indexed ascending in position order and can only be accessed via bracket-notation (array[0])

Using your example where the code is

doing_math.firstNumber = Number(document.getElementById("Number1").value);
doing_math.secondNumber = Number(document.getElementById("Number2").value);
doing_math.answer = Number(document.getElementById("Answer").value);
doing_math.equals =
  Number(document.getElementById("Number1").value) +

To access the firstNumber inside doing_math you'd access it like this.


My_MathSummary is an array, and the doing_math 'object' is in the first position, so we access it by getting [0] (the first index).
Then we treat My_MathSummary[0] like its a 'doing_math' object (which it is) and just get firstNumber. If you added additional doing_math objects, you would need to use a for loop to iterate through My_MathSummary

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Here's the button for the code blocks.


My_MathSummary can't be recognised because you're not passing it to your SummaryFunction.

function SummaryFunction(add_to, demo, My_MathSummary)
<button onclick="SummaryFunction(add_to, My_MathSummary)">Show summary</button>

There's a bit of a discrepancy there in how many parameters you've got.

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